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About Burger10

Tired of boring burgers?

Looking for something to spice up your taste buds? Then you’re going to love Burger 10.

We are the Home of the Ten Best Burgers in the World. Not many other burger restaurants can say they make the ten best burgers in the world!

We are a gourmet burger restaurant in Sydney. What makes us different from every other burger joint in town is pretty simple. We are a gourmet burger restaurant catering for people who are looking for something a little different in their burger. At Burger 10 we offer unique signature burgers. Handpicking famous ingredients of a country and creating that unforgettable burger tasting experience.

Here at Burger 10, we are remaking burgers great again. A great burger being exactly that, it tastes great. Now, more than ever with the big burger chains and their poor imitators it’s becoming harder and harder to find a real quality burger anymore.

At Burger 10 we’re all about great tasting burgers. Sure, anybody can go and get quick and cheap burger from anywhere but if you want a REAL burger then Burger 10 is where it’s at.

If you’ve ever wondered what the 10 best burgers in the world taste like then you won’t need to wonder anymore. We make the best 10 burgers of the world which are freshly prepared and grilled with all beautiful fresh ingredients and designed by our award winning chef.

If you have wanted the opportunity to taste the scintillating flavours of the world’s best burgers then now is your chance. Here are some of the flavours of the world you may wish to try:

This is the ultimate burger tasting experience!

At Burger 10 we offer great quality burgers at reasonable price, a selection of healthy drinks and side options, like a freshly prepared salad or a freshly fermented yoghurt smoothie. Our burgers are healthier because they’re grilled and everything is freshly made with ripe tomatoes, crispy lettuce, onions, and 100% Aussie meat.

You won’t get a burger tasting experience like this anywhere else in Sydney. If you want a burger that is going to scintillate your taste buds then you need to try this unique tasting experience here at Burger 10.

This is a burger tasting experience like no other and your taste buds will be craving for more once you’ve taken that first bite. Come on down to our restaurant today and enjoy a real burger of the world, in the fun and relaxing atmosphere provided in our restaurant.

For more information on our specialty burgers, out best burger to choose or our Glebe Burger shop then please do not hesitate to contact us.