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Burger10 launches a New Burger “The Centurion”

Burger10 in Randwick takes you to a different part of the world yet again, as they have launched their newest burger special, bringing you to the Southern side of Europe, Italy. Burger 10 brings a new flavour for the month, rich and filled with savoury goodness – ‘The Centurion’ and is available only for a limited time.

The Centurion is made of Burger10 classic beef patty, topped with melted mozzarella makes the perfect combination with its homemade new ricotta and parmesan pesto sauce. Topped with lettuce, tomato, a new Napoli sauce and Burger10 signature aioli you all know and love, the Centurion will leave you full and satisfied with our classic Italian favours.
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The Centurion is a new addition to our menu, available for a limited time, so come try it while you can!

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